ipmonger (ipmonger) wrote,

Strange problems building sbcl on intel mac

I had some strange problems building SBCL on my Intel mac mini. At least, when it was being built in a directory served by OpenAFS, the build failed eventually. After consultation with slyrus on freenode irc, I moved the sources and the 0.9.15 binary onto my local disk to do the build. And it worked fine.

So, I moved the binary that resulted out into AFS-land - and it failed to run. Hrmppphhhh. Changing the AFS owner to someone with a UID on the local box caused the sbcl binary to run. Tried the build again. Failure mode.

Just to prove I wasn't halucinating, I moved it all back to the local disk and rebuilt from scratch - which worked fine again.

The joke here is that the errors were related to malloc()ing memory from the heap - something which should have no relationship whatsoever with the fact that the image is in AFS-land.

Just for gigles, I took some C code I had lying around that did a few malloc()s and compiled and ran it. It didn't seem to make one bit of difference whether or not it was in AFS-land - nor what UID was the owner of the binary.

I'm confused, to say the least.
Tags: lisp, macintosh, open-source, programming
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